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After just one Reiki session with Vicki, my arthritis in my foot is almost completely gone!  I'd say it's 99% better....



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Hi VickiI initially signed up for the Success Coaching Program because I had challenges with believing in myself enough to earn an income on my own without being dependent on someone else. This is something I have never done before at the age of 47. It was a challenge for me to stay focused on me and to stay open without being afraid. 

I had trust issues with everything...myself, if you could actually help me, if others would hire me, if others saw my services as worthy....the whole gammit.

Needless to say you blew my expectations out of the water!!
The healing sessions woke up my consciousness and through those sessions
I could feel old beliefs leaving and new ones being installed. I couldn't even find the feeling to the "old" belief.
I'm excited when another layer is exposed and we get to peel it off and install a new belief. That was the key for me. The installation of the new belief. I know this to be true because
I quadrupled my income with EASE 3 months after I started your program. 

On top of the healing sessions and 30 min follow ups, which I like to call a tune up:)))

Your motivation emails really made me feel validated and that you were always listening and taking care of your "flock". Doing the homework from the emails either on my own or by emailing you was so so so helpful. It was so important for me to have you answer those emails. I can't tell you how much I needed that. You were a true coach! Gently guiding and creating my own self discovery..... Every single made the time to answer back. It didn't matter when you answered but that you did and with the exact wisdom I needed at that moment. 

Through all of this I have created more clarity in my life, learned how to see, hear, and feel more positively.  The beauty of it all is that you've taught me how to play and create in the energy and  do it on my own and continue it throughout my daily life. It's been incredibly empowering. 

My days now are set with more intention than ever before. I feel more awake to what my body is telling me and listening to it. I'm believing more and more now that I can create whatever I want. Thanks to the healing sessions and coaching!!

San Diego
I had a very good session with Vicki.  I enjoyed her intuitive insights and methods for clearing.  She brought up something very important about my relationship with my father right now that helped guide me to make the necessary changes in my life. Kim A.
Orange County


 West Coast Medium

   Vicki Murphy

As a young man sat before me he told me that he didn't think that he could die. 

He was struggling with wanting to be here at all.  I stopped him so he didn't give me more information, as I like to proceed unbiased.  As I took his hands, I was shown "movie" of a past life.  He was in a plane jumping out, several times; over and over again.  It looked like WWII.  There was a battle raging below, and he jumped, with glee, knowing that it might lead to his death.  Ultimately he did die in that lifetime doing what he loved, but it was early in his career.  He didn't have time to experience all of the growth opportunities that he'd wanted for his Soul. 

Spirit revealed to me his soul plan.  He wanted to do the same 'adrenaline inspiring' activities in this life, and to be able to do those that he had 'missed out on' (that most of us would rather avoid - too dangerous).  He wanted to do this and more, BUT, with the ability to stay and complete them, and to study other virtues that he had not been able to do in recent past incarnations.  He wanted to have all of those crazy 'human' experiences that he had missed out on; including what it felt like to dive out of planes over and over again, but to live.  

The reading was fascinating to me, and as I opened my eyes, his eyes were teary.  He revealed to me that he was in the military, and that he was a paratrooper currently in this lifetime!  I had no knowledge of this prior. He had a drive to do 'crazy' things, taking many chances with his life.  He had cheated death many times.  But this last 'cheat' was the one that caused him to wonder if maybe hw was truly invincible.  He had watched many of his men die around him, and had had numerous accidents, which should have been fatalfor him as well.  As he was recounting some of the most astonishing and mind blowing incidents, he pulled up his sleeve.  There on his arm was the deepest gash, running from his wrist to his inner arm above his elbow.  He told me that he had bled out, that his heart had stopped!.  And yet, by the grace of God, he had survived yet again.  He was feeling guilty because many around him had perished during these military activities while he continued to live.  The fact that Spirit had explained it to him during out session had given him information that was healing.  He had lived a past life where he did not live, where he sacrificed himself for the good of others, which went a long way toward assuaging much of his guilt.  This also helped him with self-love and self-esteem issues, so that much of his self-worth was restored.  He better understood why he was driven to take these chances, and to see the purpose of it all;the big picture from a 'Soul-Plan' perspective.  He had sacrificed himself many times here in this lifetime, but with a very different result, and a very different ability to continue his plan.


My hips have been painful for years. I have had a hip replacement on one side, even-though I was quite young for it. Periodically the pain flares up and I suffer through it. One day it was excruciating: I could not sit, walking hurt and forget laying down. I was scared. I sent a brief text to Vicki and she offered to do long distance healing. Within 15 minutes my pain was GONE!! I was astounded. That is without a doubt when I became a believer. This woman is connected to source and she is powerful!! I am thankful to know her.



Dear Vicki,

I want to thank you so very much for helping me. I was in such a desperate situation and I wanted to pass the course. I did what you suggested and thought of all my professors with the pink light of love and imagined them helping me. I had my meeting with the course director at 10:30am this morning and she gave me an hour and 1/2 of her time, which was extremely generous. When I meet with the professor I was very calm and in a pretty good mood, knowing I was going to have a positive outcome. After my meeting, I met a friend for lunch and came home to send some emails to other professors to try and get questions dropped. I logged on to view a more detail listing of the exam question results to see how I performed on certain question types and to my surprise I had a passing score.

Vicki you told me miracles happen every day and I just had one. Thank you for helping clear away my mental obstacles and generate positive energy. I'm going to have a more positive and stronger life moving forward. Your support and help gave me what I needed to create a miracle.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Peg

Thank you, Vicki, for a tremendous and wondrous experience today. I felt so open and safe with you. Sooo glad I taped it. You covered an amazing amount of areas and material that I didn't comment on, but all so in tune 🎶 with my soul! I feel so blessed to have found out about you. You are a true gem. God bless you. I look forward to seeing you again.

Deep from my heart,
K. T. San Diego

I'm in the medical field, and after my session with Vicki, I finally have an explanation for a physical condition that the medical professionals could not find an origin for; it was cellular DNA memory from a past life.  After finding a doctor who would write me a prescription, despite the inability to ‘prove’ that I had an infection in my present physical body, along with the past life clearing that Vicki did, I am finally healing.  Thank you Vicki!!!


…Vicki did an amazing job and is a gifted reader.  I did in fact pass her name along to a friend of mine yesterday. Please thank Vicki again and tell her that I really did enjoy the reading.  It is always helpful to do a "soul check" a couple of times a year to be sure I am on the right track!  J Thank you and hope you have a nice evening. My best to all of you!  God Bless!

San Diego

When Vicki connected with my father on the other side, he mentioned a bright green shirt.  When I called my step mom, she started crying because she’s been sleeping in his bright green t-shirt and it makes her feel close to him.  Thank you Vicki for this beautiful healing message and letting us know he is around us, and watching over us!

San Diego

Loved her.  I still feel inspired.  Haven’t felt this way in a while almost forgot it was possible.

Thank you

…She was wonderful.


Oh yeah Vicki was wonderful! She's so in tune with this process and has a wonderful way of walking you through hers. I will gladly talk to her again and again and again!!! And also refer her to anyone who is interested in this work. 

San Diego

I enjoyed the reading with Vicki….  I definitely will be scheduling another reading with Vicki in the near future! I'm going to work on some things that she suggested I do.


It was a good session. It really helped my daughter. ...  Thank you for connecting us with Vicki. 

San Diego

Hi! I really enjoyed my session with Vicki!  I actually referred my sister, who will see her tomorrow! Thanks again,

Michelle H.
San Diego

Vicki is awesome!!  It was a great reading and of course, exactly what I needed to hear.  Please tell her thank you!

Rebecca B.

Thank you, Vicki! Yesterday, after I got to work, I realized I drove without the seat belt bothering my left clavicle area, which has been swollen for a couple weeks, the swelling is still there but even this morning it's better, the pain isn't as great. And my lungs were NOT tight yesterday as well... Thanks, the energy healing really works! I'll call in a couple weeks... see how I'm doing.... will see my Dr. Monday and go from there…. Thank you again!! Have a great weekend!

Susan K.
San Diego