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Psychic Readings

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns Intuitive Readings can help you: • Understand your life's circumstances from a spiritual perspective. • Clarify choices to help you make positive decisions for success and well-being. • Reconnect with your Soul’s passions and gifts. • Harmonize your relationship with yourself and others. • Attract beneficial people and circumstances, personally and in business. • Enhance your connection with your intuition. Your consultation includes an assessment of your unique gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as insight into your soul’s purpose, and spiritual lessons. You will receive guidance specific to where you are standing in your life; to clarify decisions regarding opportunities in relationships, finance, career, creativity, and all other areas of your life. You will receive information regarding:          · Your PAST - why you are experiencing your life's circumstances from
early current life and past life perspective; what beliefs you created, your emotional attachments to these beliefs and how they are influencing
you now. · Your PRESENT - what areas of your life are aligned with your soul’s purpose, limitations and energy blockages that are holding you back, and tools you can use to open yourself to your soul's purpose. ·  Your FUTURE – gain clarification regarding your choices, in all areas of life.  See which ones will lead you to a more joyful will empower you so you can experience more fulfillment and joy.   Disclaimer:
By purchasing an intuitive Reading or Intuitive Healing session, you agree that your consultation is subject to your own interpretation. Information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Choices and/or actions based on the content of your session are your responsibility. Do not take the advice given in any reading in lieu of medical, legal, or professional advice. You also agree to not hold Vicki Murphy or any of her associates liable for any information that is received during a reading. Any action you take as a consequence of this reading is solely your responsibility.