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Connect with Angels and Guides!  Gain confidence & trust in your abilities!  Only $25 each.  Join us online LIVE, or listen to recorded classes at your leisure.

​Topics include:

Remote Viewing, Muscle Testing, Pendulums, Aura's & Chakras, Telepathy, Psychometry (reading information from objects), Telekinesis & Psychokinesis (moving things with your mind/energy), plus a variety of other classes!  Email me for complete list of classes:  

​​Current Classes: 

​Class #1 & 2 - Develop Your Intuitive Language, & Psychic Rituals for Protection & Clearing (Mandatory required to take all other classes) - $25 each,  

Reiki 2

​Online Certification Available

​Learn to use your ability to send energy  & heal over distance!  As with both levels, you will increase your spiritual connection, and open doors, creating new directions for peace, happiness & better health, within your life, and the lives of others.  Use it on you, and or those that you love, including your pets. 

You must have your Reiki 1 Certification, and have been actively practicing, including practicing daily on yourself, for at least one month.  At this level, you will be aligning with a higher frequency which will support spiritual growth and will further your expertise as a practitioner.  This is a great way to evolve your soul, and to create more clarity within your soul's plan.  Listen to your soul!

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Easy 5 Step Visual Vibration Activation, ​Learn to adjust and use the visual aspects around you to manifest!

​​Easy 5 Step PROSPERITY Process, ​Create what you want NOW!

7 Step Healthy Boundary Activation Worksheet 


Stop patterns of "being too nice"!

​Create healthy relationships NOW!

Coming soon!
Attract Your Soul Mate​
Reiki Options
Live Group or Corporate Events World-Wide

Create a better work environment, cut down on sick leave & promotes production.  Corporate Workshops allow teams to grow together and establish trust, eliminating energetic blockages that inhibit creativity and prosperity.

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Parties or Events
for ALL occasions
Gift your family and friends with healing; enjoy Spiritual & Angelic Communication in a safe and friendly environment. 

​1.5 - 2 hour, up to 12 people $275 - $375 (does not include any travel fee.  Travel fees are $25 up to 30 miles, and more if the distance is over 30 miles.) 

12 + people, 2.5 - 3 + hours recommended​ $425 - $525+ (depending on the number of people)

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Angelically Spoken, $12.00

A collection of extraordinary conversations with the other side, as well as Channeled Meditational Art.  Stories include Past Life experiences, conversations with our Loved Ones on the other side, and God and Angel stories.

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West Coast Medium Psychic Sessions And Products

West Coast Medium psychic sessions and products are created by Vicki Murphy.  Her passion to help and heal the mind, body and soul has brought her to this amazing stage in her life.  

"The Soul Plan is in two parts.  The first is to heal the self through and by choice.  The second is to gift the information back to the planet, as mothers, fathers, teachers, animal communicators, artists, etc., in whatever way your soul intended.  World Peace is our objective."




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Classes + Certifications

Class #3 - Pendulums & Dowsing, Live , Saturday 2/25, 8am - 9am PT.  Link and class work provided upon registration. Pay below to register:


5 Steps to Increase Positive Energy Flow

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Positive Energy Flow!

​The Angels and I Thank You 

for the help!!!

Angel Clearing Release Meditation

Release Origins of

Emotional & Physical

Challenges of the Soul

Reiki 1

​Online Certification


​Learn to use your innate ability to heal.  This ancient "hands on healing" art has been in use for thousands of years, and beyond.  Channeled and brought forth by Dr. Usui in the 1800's, it has become one of the most important methods of energy work today.  Fast gaining popularity in many mainstream environments, including hospitals, other health care organizations, as a part of nursing and healthcare curriculums, colleges (like the California State college system, where I facilitate, CSUSM), and others, it is a strong way to access your God given gifts.  Whether you are a nurse, a massage therapist, or nurturing soul who wants to explore this unique healing energy, this study is for you.

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Angelic Options


 West Coast Medium

   Vicki Murphy




Reiki Card and Guide Options

NOW Intuitive Development Classes!

Angelic Tools for


These guides will take you through
Step-by-Step Processes.
Option #1 Angelic Manifesting Process Guide $15.55
Option #2  Advanced Manifesting Tool Kit $33.33

I am so excited to share these Angelically Channeled Tools and information with you!​

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1 Hour Session

I offer a comprehensive and powerful variety of energy healing including Frequency AdjustmentTM , Past Life Regression and Energy Clearing, Reiki Healing, and Angel Communication.  The use of multiple modalities allows the release of emotional blockages from your subconscious, your physical body, and your energy bodies.  CASH DISCOUNT, $150.00.

60 Minute Session $175.00

2 Hour Session

Create a customized session with custom energy healing, including Reiki and Theta combination, or recommended for 2 people who wish to share a session. Identify & clear stubborn blockages; align with your soul’s higher purpose.  Live your life without limitations and create your dreams more quickly.  CASH DISCOUNT, $300.  

120 Minute Session $350.00

Angelically Spoken Angel Reiki Cards  “How to Use Your Body as a Tool for Healing” ONLY, $24.50 dach

Work with your Angels to find and release all kinds of symptoms within your life; your Body, Mind & Soul! Channeled & designed by Vicki Murphy, these cards specify the area to apply the energy, and tell you what energy to release & infuse with incredible accuracy!  FIND AND RELEASE HIDDEN ORIGINS in this life and past lives, for all kinds of symptoms.

CARDS ONLY - $24.50 ​

​CARDS + PDF Guide, $42.00

BOOK ONLY - $25 

Animal Communication



​YOU are being called to use your innate ability to communicate and heal our beautiful and angelic animals.  Our Animals are partners in all that we are learning here, for the process of spiritual evolution, and your gifts are much appreciated and needed.  If you are a soul who has been able to communicate with animals, I urge you to work with your ability to create a trust in your  innate gifts .  This unique program teaches multiple systems to help you hone your abilities, and is customized to fit your innate talents. Animal communication is fast gaining popularity in many mainstream environments as more and more results are gained.  And our animals are stepping into many environments to help us heal at this time, including hospitals and other health care organizations, making animal communication, our partnerships with them, more important than ever. 

Sign up now for your Animal Communication Certification, or for a Re-certification, and contact me for group or private lessons.